Connected City Program Schedule In English

Program Schedule

Artist Title Venue Date
Neon Bunny Naksan Naksan Park 10.5-11.5
Hannah Peel Follow the Flow DDP 10.5-11.5
Young Gyu Jang In Numerous Rooms Sewoon Complex 10.5-11.5
Steve Guy Hellier Sound Systems Hoehyeon Citizen Apartment 10.5-11.5
Music Group NaMu Hanyang Nanbong-ga Namsan Park (Baekbeom Square) 10.5-11.5
Gabriel Prokofiev Seoullo Seoullo 7017 10.5-11.5
Kayip A Memory Conveyed by the Wind Cheongpa hill

(33-283 Seogye-dong)

Kyoung hwa Song Music City Tour ‘Walk·City·Poetry’ Changshin-dong→Naksan Park→Dongdaemun 10.27-29

Fri 16:00

Sat, Sun

14:00, 17:00

Artists of Music City Artist Talks Yoonseul 10.28 15:00
Maker City-Seoul Station area
Rim Ziyoung+Oliver Griem Ga-ga Ho-ho Junglimdong Warehouse Gallery

(Seosomuno 6gil 33)




on ondays

Jee Song Foot print in Junglim-dong

Mark Nixon + Viliina Koivisto

Neon Studio x Shoes-Street
Artists of Maker City Artist Talks 10.29 15:00
Maker City-Changshin : Soul Apparel
Koo Young Han

(Urban Hybrid)

Guide to Seoul Apparel Changsin-dong Spinoff Gallery

(630-1 Chang shin–dong)





on Monday

Heeyoung Chung Changsin Wardrobes
Jieun Lee Prototypical Factory
Seoyeon Cho Façade Platform
Luke Stevens,

Marie Masionnueve

Efficiency Aesthetics
Jongkwan Paik Parallel Scenarios
Performing City
Ray Lee Chorus Malli Plaza 10..27-29

14:00, 16:00, 19:00

dotComedy, Park Young hee The Small Wonder Tour Seoullo 7017~ Malli Plaza 10.27-29

13:00, 17:00

Steve Guy Hellier,

Joowon Song

Steve Guy Hellier X Joowon Song Yoonseul 10.27-29


Thrill Laboratory VR Playground DDP Design Street 10.27-29


Playable City
Borahm Kim City eats fish as it grows. Seungyo, Sewoon Complex 10.27-29


Sun Kim Media Graffiti
Yang Sookyun A walk with my DIY PET

in Cheonggyecheon

Eunkyoung Lee, Minji Kim Dance with Me
The Strangers at Honja Factory Bahn
Artists of Playable City Artist Talks tbc 10.27


Storytelling City
So Yeon Jung,

Gareth Brookes

The Discovered 10.27-29
Zoe Gilbert,

Hong jacga

Cheonggyecheon Ghosts
City Conference
City Conference Arts and the City Taepyong Hall at City Hall, Seoul 10.31



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